Our Story

Welcome to URSTASH! Excited you’re here!

We are Jelain and Akeem, the founders of URSTASH. We are two life-long friends who had an ambition to start our own business. We wanted to create a business that would not only bring value to consumers; but also bring value to two communities we hold dear - black owned businesses and small businesses.

We know how difficult it can be for black-owned and small businesses to gain access to and/or be highlighted in larger retailers. So, we wanted to create a platform where their products can shine. We want our black-owned and small businesses to feel empowered and safe partnering with us to grow their business and spread their passion.

Our aim is to provide a one-stop shop for our ‘Stashers’ (customers) to get their favorite black-owned and small business products and discover new ones! We are also committed to providing products we would use for ourselves and our family – so we only source products that are natural/organic, GMO-free or vegan.

Thank you for visiting us! And we hope that you will continue to help us support #blackowned and #smallbusinesses!